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  3. Earn: You do not collect points - but money, which we pay out to you on request from as little as 5 €!
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Your benefits with custlab!

Real money instead of points system

Enjoy transparency about your earnings. You can clearly see how much you can earn and don't have to convert points.

Payout from as little as 5 €

You can have your credit paid out directly to your bank account in an uncomplicated way from as little as 5 €.

Regular invitations by e-mail

You regularly get the chance to share your opinion with us in exciting surveys. Exert your influence and determine the products and trends of tomorrow!

Reliability and flexibility

You will not receive any advertising from us. Participation in custlab is of course free of charge, voluntary and can be cancelled at any time.

Data protection according to DSGVO

We guarantee 100% data protection. We use your data anonymously and only for market and social research purposes. Storage is DSVGO-compliant on servers in Germany.

Monthly raffle

If you do not belong to the target group we are looking for, you can win lots and participate in the monthly raffles. Per lot you have the chance to win one of 10 prizes amounting to 5 € custlab credit. More tickets increase your chance of winning!

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